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  chemtecone.comHardening, dust proofing and sealing of concerete: Unlike some other concrete sealers the CHEMTEC process actually produces a chemical reaction that creates an insoluble by-product that encapsulates the calcium component of the concrete. It increases the mass and surface hardness of the treated concrete thereby making it much more resistant to wear and damage. Because of this chemical reaction the pours of the concrete are filled with this by-product and the porosity of the concrete is greatly reduced, not allowing liquids or solids into the concrete, thereby sealing out the contaminates and keeping the pH high.

  chemtecone.comCURING OF COCNRETE:The process is extremely effective in stopping moisture loss in fresh concrete by applying the process to the concrete as soon as possible after the finish troweling operation (as soon as the concrete is firm and dry enough to walk on with out marking), saturating the surface with the product.

The product immediately reacts with the free lime and calcium, produces a by-product that closes up the pours there by trapping the moisture in the concrete and greatly slowing the rate of evaporation. CHEMTEC ONE sealer can be used as a curing agent and surface hardener on most concrete surfaces. This product is effective at stopping moisture loss in fresh concrete.

 chemtecone.comCHEMTEC ONE starts curing immediately and reaches it full cure in about 75 days. Surface can be used as soon as it is completely dry.

Concrete floors absorb liquid spills very fast. Therefore it is VERY IMPORTANT to clean up spills, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. This procedure was designed by the top silicate densifing manufactures including ChemTec Int’l for proper maintenance of the finished floors. You can use this procedure in its entirety for the best results.


  CHEMTEC INT'L company recommends

  CHEMTEC ONE starts curing immediately and reaches it full cure in about 75 days. Surface can be used as soon as it is completely dry

  ● Clean regularly. Water will accelerate the reaction, promote the sealing of the ground and produce luster. Clean 1-2 times a week.;

  ● Please clean the spilled oil with a high PH detergent as soon as possible (acidic cleaning agents may damage the appearance of the surface);

  ● The surface should not be waxed or coated with other sealants.

  Cleaning steps

  1.Remove the impurities remaining on the surface with cloth or mop

  2.If the spill is an acid based product make sure to neutralize the area AS SOON AS POSSIBLE with baking soda. Clean up liquid spills as soon as possible. Remove all trash and dust mop debris from floor.

Please note that some stains may require more than one spot removal treatment. If the stain has penetrated deeply into the concrete, it may not come out at all. Acid based stains such as milk, juice, vinegar may etch the concrete, potentially causing permanent damage to the concrete.

  3.Allow 2-3 minutes of dwelling time before rinsing with water. Be careful to dry the treated area with a clean dry mop.

  4.Flush the floor and wipe dry

  Automatic cleaning machine can be used for cleaning

  Technology Parameters :

  ● Surface Mohs hardness: hardness increased from 6 to 8

  ● Impermeability: the treated specimen is soaked in water for 48 hours and permeability is 0.33%. After 50 days soaking, the permeability was 1.04% (ASTM-C-642)

  ● Wear resistance: wear resistance increased by 45% (ASTM-C-779)

  ● Weathering resistance: freeze thaw cycles for 100 times, no peeling on the surface(ASTM-C-672)

  ● Performance of Anti-corrosion Against Chloride Ion Ingress:The chloride diffusion coefficient of NEL method was reduced by 51%

  ● Anti-carbonization performance: increase the anti-carbonization performance by more than 3 times