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             1)Reduce the porosity of existing concrete & effectively seal out contaminants.

            2)Increase the surface hardness and Abrasion Resistance of new and deteriorated concrete.

            3)Increase Compression Strength of new and deteriorated concrete.

            4)Reduce Chloride Penetration.

            5)Inhibit chemical attack of treated concrete.

            6)Form a solid by-product in the micro cracks and gel pores.

            7)Retard scaling of high strength properly finished concrete

            8)Increase the Mass & Density of concrete》》product description:

  KingTec, a concrete sealer, is a non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable process used for superior concrete protection. This process is a proprietary blend of reactive silicates plus surface-active agents, which penetrates into the concrete and reacts with the free calcium and lime to form an insoluble by-product that closes the porosity, increases the mass, strengthens, hardens, and seals the concrete, makes it much more durable. There are no special handling requirements under environmental regulations and contains ZERO% VOC content.

KingTec improves the impermeability, wear resistance, weathering resistance, hardness, and other performance indicators of concrete. This product is widely used on the industrial floor, electronics, medicine workshop, supermarket, etc. and to increase the useful life of all concrete infrastructures.



Reaction of concrete surface before and after using KingTec




  1.the product with small molecular group structure, and thus sealer flow permeate better faster and effectively.

2.hardening, impermeability, wear resistance and dustproof.

3. resistant water, industrial chemicals, oil, and food stains.

4.The unique formula is more effective in renovation and rebuilding of the old ground

》》Technical index

    Improve the surface hardness: the Mohs hardness is increased from 6 to 8

         Improve the impermeability: improve 2-3 impermeability grade of concrete

         Improve wear resistance: comprehensive wear resistance increased by 41.5%